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Tuesday 17 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

James Gordon Brown and Nike Shoes

Seeing the title, you may puzzle what on earth is the relationship between James Gordon Brown and Nike shoes. As is known all, James Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Labour party. And Nike is the most famous sports shoes manufacturer worldwide.

And people are more and more concerned about running to build up a strong body. So is the Prime Minster, Brown. It is said that Brown had running for several weeks to get ready for the coming elections. How unbelievable. According to the report, after a running for a lap, his attendants will check the time for him to figure out whether Brown has increased his speed or not. And the result is that it took Brown about ten minuets to finish 1600 meters.

There is one more interesting detail that attracts media's attention: the sports shoes Brown worn is a fresh new Nike air max shoes without any use of trace. And according to the professional Nike expert analysis, the Nike shoes style is at least five years ago.

In 2010, United Kingdom will hold a new round of parliamentary elections, who will be the next Prime Minister? The recent survey shows that the support of labour party is a little bit lower than conservative party. In other word, Brown will have a great difficulty to remain in office. As a matter of fact, Brown's rival David Cameron was always on newspaper for running, thus, what is the intention of Brown's behavior, merely for body building or election, who knows.

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