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Birkenstock 38 - Soft Shoes for a Hard World

What are your criteria for the best shoes? It is a common question that I ask my customers as a fashion analyst. Most of the times I get answers that make me dumbfounded. Most people believe that the best feature they look for in the pair of shoes they buy is its fashionable and wonderful look. According to me, this is a wrong criterion for the best pair of shoes. Your shoes should without doubt look good but most importantly they should be comfortable enough to wear. Imagine a pair with a great and trendy look but a hard surface and hard sole from inside which does not even allow you to walk for a minute. How would you feel about such a pair? If you ask me, I would never ever even touch a pair like that. For me, the best shoes should undoubtedly look good but before that they should be soft and comfortable.

Birkenstock 38 offers a wide range of shoes that are especially designed to be comfortable and soft - - so now you have at least something in this hard world which is soft. To assure a high level of comfort, the shoes are cushioned from inside. When buying your pair you can take a look at it, it will feel soft and comfortable from inside.

Following are some types of shoes that you can find from this brand:


Designed particularly for summers, the sandals are suitable for men and women. Available in different colors, they are made of fabric which has the ability to breathe so that your feet stay sweat-less even during the sweltering summers.


Shoes include formal as well as informal shoes. For ladies, they manufacture high heels, low heels and even average heel shoes. Available in material such as leather, patent leather, suede and velvet, these shoes are best to wear for weddings and corporate occasions. For gents, there is a large variety of leather and suede shoes.