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Converse All Star Leather Shoes - Reach For Perfection

Roll the word "leather" around for a while. The sound feels great, doesn't it? Well, in the case of Converse All Star leather shoes, you get a lot more than just great sounding words. You get style, comfort, and durability. Each one alone is terrific. Together, they can't be beat.

Take a look at the Converse All Star Leather Ox Trainers, for example, a long look. This model is a seamless blend of classic design, up-to-the-minute fashion statement, and ultra-fine footwear. Legendary basketball player Chuck Taylor, who lent his name to the style a century ago, would be proud.

Start your review from the bottom and work your way up. See that classic Converse tread pattern? Stable and stylish, no? Yes. This design has been virtually unchanged for decades. Even in this day of computer-aided design, the sheer perfection of this rubber sole shows there's no substitute for experience. You can enjoy the style even when your feet are up on the computer desk.

Slide your eye up to the superb wrap that ties the sole to the leather upper. Classic Converse. Simple, elegant, and hip all at the same time. It's more than a classic, though. It's a non-slip style wonder. Now feel that leather upper. Feels good, no? No. Feels great. Works great, too. These shoes will look and feel as good years from now as they do the day you first slipped them on.

Then when you do slide into them you can feel that canvas lining that embraces your foot like a gentle sail on the high seas. Every part of your foot is braced and embraced. Is there any other shoe that pampers you that way?

Oh, but you prefer a high top. Excellent choice. The Converse All Star Soft Leather Hi tops offer all that same pampering but with an above-the-ankle design.

Drink in that coffee-colored exterior. Feel the warmth of the material. During the day, all night long, anywhere you go you can feel like your shoe is holding you.

Now make some moves. Turn right, shift left. Go forward, jump back. Stable, right? Right. Play some hoops or dance in the street, it's all the same. You go where you want and nowhere else.

True, they're also called "high top trainers". But let's face it, you don't have to train for anything to love your Converse All Star Soft Leather shoes. Train for the next trip to the mall, or to nowhere at all. Train for a party. Train for life. The result is the same. Style, comfort, durability.

There's a reason leather has been used for centuries to make shoes. There's just no substitute. Manufacturing methods have advanced with every year and they're so well developed that Converse can sell you a shoe that can last for decades. But the feel is always there.