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Depend For Men Help With Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common problem for many males. In a number of cases, urinary incontinence will case embarrassment and a lot of frustration as the bladder involuntarily relieves itself, without warning to you. Although it is common to see more females dealing with incontinence a lot of men will deal with it. Shopping for the right type of adult diapers will be able to help you manage your condition, making it easier for you to prevent embarrassment. Depend for men can provide you with relief and will make it easier to manage your problem and resume regular activities like exercising without the worry that you could suffer from urine loss.

There are many different types of male incontinence. In order to purchase the correct type of Depend undergarments, it is important to know which type you suffer from. Let's discuss the different types of urinary incontinence in men to be aware of:

A� Total Incontinence. When a male suffers from this type of incontinence, you will deal with daily urine leakage due to sphincter muscle damage. This type of incontinence is frustrating as you do not have control over your body and it's signals as to when it needs to release the urine from the bladder. Depend underwear may be the best option to consider as it will be able to help you discreetly hide your condition. The Depend underwear is similar to cotton briefs, which is not a big change for many men. Based on how much urine loss you are dealing with each day, you may need to consider using thicker underwear to help capture all of the urine to prevent any leaks. Surgery is an option to repair the sphincter muscles, but it does not always provide lasting results or it could make your condition worse. Speak with your doctor when considering options to help prevent problems with total incontinence.

A� Overflow Incontinence. This type of incontinence will occur throughout the entire day. It commonly happens without warning or when the bladder is unable to hold in all the urine. Most males will notice a very slight dribble of urine. Overflow incontinence does have a primary symptom of the urge to urinate at that particular moment. If you are able to make it to the restroom in time, you may end up noticing only a few drips of urine that come out. The Depend for men that you might want to consider in this case will include guards, adult diapers, and washable underwear. The protection level again is based on how much urine loss you have. Try to keep track of the urine loss you experience during the day so you can select incontinence products that include proper absorption.

A� Urge Incontinence. This type of incontinence will give you the sudden urge to urinate. It comes on quickly and without warning. In most cases, you will urinate before you are able to make it to the restroom to use the toilet. Urge incontinence is hard to control and manage as it may release the entire bladder. Most individuals with urge incontinence should consider adult diapers that come with higher absorbance options. This way you will be able to capture the urine loss and save yourself from being embarrassed.

A� Stress Incontinence. Females commonly deal with this type of incontinence, but there are a growing number of men suffering from it. Stress incontinence will occur when sudden force is placed on the bladder and it forces the urine out. Coughing, laughing, and sneezing are all examples of things that can force the urine out quickly. Most males suffering from stress incontinence can try and stop it quickly and you may not lose a large amount of urine. If you have lighter urine loss concerns, consider using Depend products for men that are lighter in absorbency. The Depend guards will work for stress incontinence as you can place the insert in your regular underwear.