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Good Motorcycle Jackets Vs Bad Motorcycle Jackets

If you're thinking about purchasing a new leather motorcycle jacket and first want to understand the difference between the good and the bad, then you'll want to compare some of the more important features of jackets of this type. Here are some important features that should be considered.

Leather thickness

One of the first things that you will want to consider is how thick the jackets are. A good jacket will have a thickness of at least 1.2 mm, and a bad jacket won't even come close to that measurement. Jackets that you should stay away from will have leather that is paper thin and will easily become a problem later on down the road.


Hardware is also very important and jackets should have hardware that is very heavy duty and won't break easily. Good jackets will have hardware that is tough and durable and will stand up to constant wear and tear. Bad jackets usually come with cheap hardware that stops working shortly after you purchase the jacket.

Overall Fit

The fit of the jacket has to be just right, otherwise it isn't going to protect you properly. A good jacket will fit perfectly, meaning it will be made according to the way a true motorcycle jacket should be made. A bad jacket will look awkward and not fit properly when in the seated position.


When you wear a jacket while riding your motorcycle, you want to be as comfortable as you possibly can be. This means that the sleeve lengths must be ride, the length in the body will be correct, there won't be any pinch points, and you'll feel good while wearing it.

Bad jackets tend to be uncomfortable because they simply aren't made with the rider in mind. Instead, they are mass produced as quickly as possible so that a lot of them can be sold regardless of whether or not they fit perfectly.