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Help Coach Your Son's Baseball Team for New Year's Resolution

Does your son enjoy playing baseball? Maybe it's your time to get out of the stands my dear parent. Do you just drop him off at his baseball practice and then make it to the ballpark just in time for the game? Being involved with a child's joy is a lot different than just observing it. The conversations to and from practices have so much more enthusiasm I can guarantee you. I am not talking about learning more to put more performance pressure on your son. I am talking about giving him quality time, support, and encouragement where you are both working on the same goals and you can ask him his opinion. Discuss the game of baseball and have dialogue about individual and team goals. After coaching baseball for sixteen years I can tell you that there is a huge difference in time spent at a ball park depending on whether you are a spectator or a participant.

• Learn up to date training methods. Don't depend solely on what you were taught when you were young. • Let your son see that your coaching is evenly distributed and fair. You will teach him great lessons by your values. • Discuss your decisions with him so he understands the strategy of the game. They actually can begin to pick this up at a fairly young age. • Work on your leadership and communication skills so your child will rarely see you in a confrontation issue. Make it a point to communicate well and often with the parents and players. • Never ever forget humor. One of the greatest things I remember is all the laughter I have heard on a baseball field. • Make sure you protect with your speech, actions, and values all that your influence touches. • Do not worry if you were not a baseball star yourself. Coaching is a skill and can be learned by anyone willing to apply themselves and love a bunch of kids.

The game of baseball is one of the greatest sports there is. You have dugout time where you get a momentary break and time for dialogue even when you're still in the game. Individual training affects the outcome of the whole team. Back up plays and trust are essential elements. There are strategies on both offense and defense. And with all that going on you add peanuts and cokes and baseball park dogs and burgers. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and you shouldn't either parent.