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New Beats Now - Your Journey To Mainstream Art. 1

For an up and coming rapper artist, it is essential to know HOW to choose the right instrumental for your lyrics. Making the perfect song is similar to building a house, you may have all the equipment in the world, but without a dependable foundation, your house will be useless.

In order to find the perfect beat, you have to know what genre suits you best. You have to find the perfect balance with your instrumental and your lyrics, where one does not overshadow the other. You have to make sure that the energy of the beat is the exact same as your lyircs and flow. For instance, you cannot rhyme about a ?girl being the best you?ve ever had? on a dirty south, crunk instrumental?well you can but it wouldn?t be a good look. It?s like going to a gun fight with a stick, the two don?t equate. In the music industry you have to give the people with what they want. Your followers can sometimes be very demanding so you have to get creative and offer them what they want, with your own spin on it.

Listening to every track on the web page will reduce the chances of you missing out on any potential hits. If you don?t do that, then people will not see the true potential that you have. By making sure that you chose the appropriate beat will increase your fan base and take your profession to the next ?s as simple as that.

when you do not take your time and rush into buying beats, you are just slowy killing your career because of the lack of effort when it comes to instrumental selection. So take your time and select carefully.

A great way to help choose hot beats is to listen and hear whats going on in the music industry. I?m not trying to telling you to swagger jack, all I?m trying to say is keep your ears open to the tempos, the samples, the hooks and melodies because if you have a general understanding to what the majority of hip-hop listeners like than half of your work is done.

Once you?ve selected your instrumentals and recorded over it, make sure that you MIX AND MASTER your finish product to get that radio quality sound. Without a properly mixed song, it will be very challenging to get your music played in the clubs and on the radio.

As an aspiring rapper, you have to understand that buying a beat isn?t just listening and making a transaction. It?s more like a business decision, where you are expecting a strong return on investment on the instrumentals that you just invested in. The music industry is 80% business and 20% music, so do not approach it like an artist approach it like business man/woman where you have to be as creative as you can possibly be in order to take your career to the mainstream and get a contract.