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Nike Dunk High Premium ND X Cassette Playa

The Nike Dunk High Premium is one of the products in the 'high' Nike dunks products, which includes others like the popular Nike Dunk High Premium Notebook, the Nike Dunk High Premium Osaka Dotonbori, and the Nike Dunk High Premium SB - Bloody Sunday, among others. Now while I have had an opportunity to use quite a huge variety of the Nike dunks, I have to confess that it is the Nike Dunk High Premium ND X Cassette Playa (which I only got to use recently) that I have since gotten most enchanted with.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing things about the Nike-Dunk High Premium is its name, which it apparently gets from a circular pattern somewhere towards the center of the shoe (where the Nike Tick is rooted) - which very much resembles the typical cassette player. And while cassette players might have been pushed out of fashion by the CD and MP3 players of today, the Nike Dunk High Premium ND X Cassette Playa is definitely one shoe that has not been pushed out of fashion; and in fact without having heard about its name, it might be a bit hard for you to conceptualize the circular pattern at the center of the Nike Dunk High Premium as being representative of a cassette player.

Patterns aside, though, the Nike-Dunk X Cassette Playa does deliver on its promise of tallness, it being a shoe that towers at almost a half of a foot at its highest. It starts off from what might be described as an advantaged point, height-wise, thanks to its it rather high sole, which adds at least an inch, if not more to its overall height. Of course, the Nike Dunk High Premium is not a boot, and most of the height it is associated with is created through 'upper body' design considerations (which created 'illusions of height'), rather than that just elongating the shoe endlessly. In this regard, the shoe starts off with quite a long flat region on its front (where the toes are supposed to go in), but then gains a remarkably steep gradient towards the center which -as would be expected, peaks at the tip of the 'nose' of the shoe (where the shoe meets the wearer's foot-shaft), before somehow abating from that highest point towards the back, so that the very back point is slight lower than the very mid region at the tip of the shoe's tongue.

My particular pair of the Nike Dunk X Cassette Playa is primarily black (as most cassette players were, one would say), though in keeping with Nike's established liberality with color, a number of other color elements do make a showing on the shoe, including blue (which is what makes up the circular 'cassette player element') and red - which graces a few patches here and there on the shoe, and finally yellow, which has the 'honor' of adorning the very back end of the shoe.