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Titanic Necklace - The Heart Of The Ocean

The history of the Titanic Necklace goes much further back than the most recent Titanic film starring Leonardo Dicaprio.A� This coveted jewelry piece is more appropriately remembered from a very special traveler on the fateful Titanic sailing:A� Kate Florence.

The Heart Of The Ocean is the name of the fictional jewelry piece in the movie Titanic.A� This piece was designed to replicate the Hope Diamond which in fact never traveled on the Titanic.A� A�However, Titanic survivor Kate Florence owns a very similar sapphire necklace which she received from her married lover Samuel Morley who did not survive the 1912 sinking of the Titanic.A� Ms. Florence's necklace is displayed at many Titanic exhibits.

A similar blue diamond is also featured in the 1943 version of the Titanic but with a twist in the story.A� In this prior version the stone goes missing and causes the break-up of a relationship.

This necklace has many variations today and is sold as a souvenir at many Titanic museums.A� Some modern day jewelers combine this piece with other pendants.A� One example of this is the Jet & Titanic necklace by Swarovski.

A London based jeweler created the piece which is seen in the 1997 Titanic film at a cost of $10,000.A� However, a real Heart of the Ocean necklace was designed when the movie was released at a hefty price of $3.5 million.A� This expensive jewelry piece was later sold at an AIDS charity auction and worn by Celine Dion.

The tradition of the Titanic necklace continued in 1998 when famous jeweler Harry Winston made a $20 million Heart of the Ocean necklace for Gloria Stuart to wear at the Academy Awards.A�

The Titanic necklace is a true symbol of love and thus is very universal and recognized worldwide.A� The 1997 film did bring this unmistakable jewelry piece to the public eye however the origin of the piece dates back decades earlier.